Psychic Readings by Pete



"I have been honored to work with Pete Orbea as a mentor, client and friend.  Pete’s psychic abilities continue to astound me.  He has developed his abilities remarkably fast, as though they were just begging to be released.  His psychic and mediumship abilities are among the best I know, both in person and remotely.  A couple of quick examples:  Over a period of months Pete was seeing a man who looked like Teddy Roosevelt around me.  He picked up the name William.  I had no idea who this might have been.  One day I found a portrait of my Mom’s father’s family.  One of my great, great uncles looked just like Teddy Roosevelt and his name was William.  On another occasion I was getting ready to take a tour in some haunted tunnels.  Before we went in, Pete told me about a man down there waiting for me.  He then described the man.  I showed the guide the description and Pete had nailed an entity that has been seen in the tunnels.  He did all of this from roughly 200 miles away.


Pete’s in person readings are even more outstanding.  He has picked up on various people around me and been right on about different events and projects I’ve been working on. 


And most of all, Pete’s approach is respectful, compassionate and personal, while remaining professional.  I completely trust his integrity in the work he does and highly recommend him."


-William Becker, International Psychic Medium with Paranormal Insights.

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Psychic Readings in Kitsap County, WA

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