Psychic Readings by Pete

Psychic Readings in Kitsap County


I am available by appointment in-person or over the phone.  Fees are negotiable!

Psychic Readings


Looking to communicate with loved ones who have passed? Ever wonder if you have a spirit guide or guardian angel? I want to help you communicate and possibly receive a message or guidance  from those you cherish who have passed on. Each person is different, so each reading is unique to you.

Location Readings


Is there something that goes bump in the night at your house or place of business? Are you experiencing paranormal activity? Let me help you by giving you a psychic impression of the location.


Please note that I do not perform seances, smudging or exorcisms.

Paranormal Team


Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society is a professional investigation team in the realm of the paranormal. They use the scientific method of evidence gathering using audio, photo and video to find evidence of haunting or explanation for what is going bump in the night. As a team, they have done many investigations in and around the Olympic/Kitsap Peninsula in the great northwest region of Washington State. They do this as a hobby for their own personal quest to gathering great evidence of the paranormal.

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Psychic Readings in Kitsap County, WA

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